We will open Friday, April 28th in Dyer, Nevada.

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The Fireworks Store at the Edge of the World Get your fireworks in beautiful, historic Esmeralda County, Nevada, just 3 hours from Las Vegas, 4 from Reno, 6 from Los Angeles or 7 from San Francisco. Read the Full Story
Where Quality is Everything Our goal is to provide you with quality fireworks for your celebration at reasonable, affordable prices. We specialize in popular, high-quality brands. Read the Full Story
In the Land of Gold, Ghosts & Ground Zero Esmeralda County, Nevada ...a living museum of American history. The site of the last American gold rush, the world's greatest gold camp, the famously haunted Goldfield Hotel and nearby, the mysterious Area 51 and Nevada Test Site. Read the Full Story

Fireworks Fun!

Gold in the ground and gold in the skies

Discover your own gold mine of fireworks in beautiful Esmeralda County, Nevada.

Hours and seasons:

We are open from April 28 through September 15. We are normally open every day. If you’re making the trip specifically to come to us, please call first to verify we are open that day. (775) 277-9284. We try to open by 10 a.m. each day. We are usually open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., or until 10 p.m. on weekends.

In beautiful Nevada

We have 2 locations: 

Dyer, Nevada

In Dyer, Nevada, on Nevada Highway 264 right next to the Esmeralda Market, at Mile Marker 8, on Nevada Highway 264 on the west side of Esmeralda County. To get there, follow these directions:

• From Bishop, California, take U.S. 6 north, to Nevada 264 south. Total drive is 84 miles, about 90 minutes
• From Los Angeles, California, the shortest route is via U.S. 395 north to California 168 east, through the Inyo Mountains and then left on Nevada 264. This route is 311 miles with a driving time of 5 hours.
• From Reno or Lake Tahoe, take U.S. 395 South, to California 120 east, to U.S. 6 east, to Nevada 264 south. This route is 239 miles with a driving time of 4:38.
From Las Vegas, take U.S. 95 north to Nevada 266 west and stay on it as it becomes 264 north, to Dyer. This route is 230 miles, with a driving time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.
From Tonopah or Round Mountain, Nevada, take U.S. 6 west, to Nevada 773 south, to Nevada 264 south to Dyer. This route is 74 miles from Tonopah, with a driving time of 1:12 from Tonopah.
From other locations, please see the chart below for driving times and distances.

The Dyer location is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Monday through Thursday, our store is closed, but a selection from our product line is also sold inside the Esmeralda Market next to us. Gasoline is also sold at Esmeralda Market and the deli in the store is open Monday through Friday until 3 p.m.

Goldfield, Nevada

In Goldfield, Nevada, we are off U.S. Highway 95, and we are open Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m to 9 p.m., by appointment. Please call for an appointment to visit us in Goldfield, and we will give you directions to the location. Please note that there is no gasoline sold in Goldfield. Gas up in Beatty or Tonopah. To get to Goldfield, use these directions

• From Bishop, California, take U.S. 6 north, to U.S. 95 south. Total drive is 142 miles, with a driving time of 2:24.
• From Los Angeles, California, the shortest route is via U.S. 395 north to California 168 east, through the Inyo Mountains and then right on Nevada 266, then left on U.S. 95 to Goldfield. This route is 349 miles with a driving time of 5 hours.
• From Reno or Lake Tahoe, take U.S. 95 south to Goldfield. This route is 264 miles with a driving time of 4:18.
• From Las Vegas, take U.S. 95 north to Goldfield. It is 184 miles, with a driving time of 3 hours.
• From Tonopah or Round Mountain, Nevada, take U.S. 95 south from Tonopah for 26 miles. It is about 25 minutes south of Tonopah.
• From other locations, please see the chart below for driving times and distances.

The Goldfield location is only open Monday through Thursday, and by appointment only. Please call (775) 277-9284 for an appointment.

The speed limit on U.S. Highway 95 is 70 miles per hour, and where the highway goes through Goldfield, Tonopah, Hawthorne or Beatty, it’s 25 miles per hour. It’s 45 miles per hour within Dyer.

Overnight accomodations

Goldfield currently has only one motel, the Santa Fe Saloon and Motel, which has 8 rooms. 

I have a 3-bedroom house for rent in Goldfield - see this page for details. There are also some small cabins for rent in Goldfield.

There is a designated rest area in Golfdield, where you can park overnight for free. It is on the north side of Highway 95, at First Street. There are restrooms with flush toilets, and a visitor center. There is no camping there, it is for parking only. There are also 2 private RV parks in Goldfield, the Goldfield RV Park and Clark's Custom Camp.

The town of Tonopah, Nevada, 27 miles north of Goldfield, has about 10 hotels of different price levels.

In Dyer (Fish Lake Valley), there is Esmeralda RV Park, with RV spaces and historic cabins for rent. There are also a few rooms for rent at Queensland Vineyard. Some people camp overnight at Fish Lake Valley Hot Well, which is about 10 miles north and 7 miles east of our store.

Questions? See our Common questions page or send us e-mail at our Contact page or call us at (775) 277-9284.

Visit FireworksLand.com for additional information about fireworks.

Estimated Driving Times
Driving times shown do not include stops along the way.
Origin Distance
to Dyer
Driving time
to Dyer
to Goldfield
Driving Time
to Goldfield
Amargosa Valley, NV 141 miles 2:05 96 miles 1:24
Anaheim, CA (Disneyland) 324 miles 6:00 374 miles 5:52
Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, CA 47 miles 1:17 91 miles 2:02
Baker, CA 248 miles 3:51 203 miles 3:20
Bakersfield, CA 265 miles 4:25 309 miles 5:43
Barstow, CA 250 miles 4:42 265 miles 4:01
Beatty, NV 112 miles 1:39 67 miles 1:06
Big Pine, CA 54 miles 1:11 98 miles 1:56
Bishop, CA 84 miles 1:24 142 miles 2:24
Boise, ID 554 miles 8:55 540 miles 8:48
Carson City, NV 215 miles 3:39 251 miles 4:04
Death Valley National Park, CA 152 miles 2:26 107 miles 1:48
Denver, CO 913 miles 13:56 921 miles 13:23
Elko, NV 345 miles 5:14 297 miles 4:39
Ely, NV 242 miles 3:42 194 miles 3:15
Fallon, NV 183 miles 2:52 202 miles 3:07
Fresno, CA* 374 miles 6:02 335 miles 6:26
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ 504 miles 7:35 459 miles 6:45
Hawthorne, NV 97 miles 1:31 130 miles 1:58
Hesperia, CA 264 miles 4:40 307 miles 4:44
Lake Tahoe, CA 229 miles 4:03 261 miles 4:21
Las Vegas, NV 229 miles 3:25 189 miles 3:16
Lee Vining, CA 117 miles 2:00 158 miles 2:38
Lone Pine, CA 95 miles 1:48 140 miles 2:34
Los Angeles, CA 311 miles 5:09 349 miles 6:10
Mammoth Lakes, CA 95 miles 1:41 154 miles 2:44
Moapa, NV 269 miles 4:00 224 miles 3:17
Pahrump, NV 186 miles 2:50 141 miles 2:08
Phoenix, AZ 527 miles 8:01 469 miles 7:44
Portland, OR 761 miles 13:02 785 miles 12:57
Reno, NV 231 miles 3:49 264 miles 4:31
Round Mountain, NV 135 miles 2:13 86 miles 1:26
Sacramento, CA 365 miles 5:54 396 miles 6:32
Salt Lake City, UT 484 miles 7:18 436 miles 6:38
San Diego, CA 392 miles 7:00 447 miles 7:06
San Francisco, CA* 419 miles 8:07 411 miles 7:18
Schurz, NV 131 miles 2:05 164 miles 2:31
Sequoia National Park, CA 359 miles 6:13 403 miles 6:44
Shoshone, CA 192 miles 2:55 154 miles 2:24
St. George, UT 338 miles 5:06 293 miles 4:16
Tecopa, CA 204 miles 3:09 159 miles 2:29
Tonopah, NV 74 miles 1:12 27 miles 0:26
Victorville, CA 255 miles 4:25 297 miles 4:30
Winnemucca, NV 312 miles 4:47 284 miles 4:20
Yellowstone National Park, WY 760 miles 11:47 713 miles 11:16
Yosemite National Park, CA (Tioga Pass entrance)* 129 miles 2:45 188 miles 3:12
Zion National Park, UT 378 miles 5:59 333 miles 5:02
For those destinations marked (*), the time and distance are accurate only when all mountain roads are open. If mountain roads are closed, the time and distance will be longer.